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Here are the ones most frequently asked.

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Q. Why is BOARBETTER® an innovative product?

A. BOARBETTER is the only product containing a combination of synthetic analogues of all three boar pheromones present in boar saliva. It has been developed after the recent discovery of a particular pheromone that affects the sexual behavioral response of sexually receptive females.

Q. What are pheromones?

A. Pheromones are chemical components that are naturally emitted by animals and which trigger a behavioural response in the receiving individual, most often from the same species. Pheromones are thus communication tools between animals, also called semiochemicals.

Q. How do boar saliva pheromones work?

A. Boar saliva pheromones bind to specific receptors in the main epithelial organ – a patch of sensory cells within the main nasal chamber. One given receptor specifically recognises one given chemical structure. The chemical signal is transformed into an electrical signal which is rapidly conveyed to the central nervous system. A specific behaviour response can then be observed in the sexually receptive sow or gilt. The maximal sexual message is conveyed to the brain when all three types of receptor are stimulated.

Q. Does BOARBETTER contain animal products?

A. BOARBETTER contains no animal ingredients. It is a water-based product containing synthetic analogs of the natural pheromone molecules.

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Using Boarbetter

Q. When should BOARBETTER be used in a heat detection routine?

A. BOARBETTER should be used as part of the heat detection routine that takes place 3-4 days post-weaning, in order to enhance the sexual behaviors of sexually receptive females.

Q. How long do the effects of BOARBETTER last on sexually receptive females?

A. The sexual response of oestrus females covers a large array of behaviours, including the standing reflex. This behaviour, which demonstrates that the female is ready to be bred by a boar, can last up to 15 minutes.

Q. How many times should BOARBETTER be used in a heat detection procedure?

A. You can spray BOARBETTER once or twice a day depending on your heat check procedure. You can keep using BOARBETTER for as many days you would walk the boar in your heat detection routine. For more information on the protocol adapted to your herd, contact your vet practitioner.

Q. Can BOARBETTER replace the boar in heat detection?

A. Good oestrus detection practice requires the use of a teaser boar, to provide a large array of stimuli. Among these, the olfactory stimulus plays a major role in the observation of sexual behaviours of oestrus females. To get the best breeding results, it is highly recommended that a live mature boar is used, in order to provide the other stimuli. In situations where good olfactory stimuli are difficult, BOARBETTER can restore the best level of stimulation, thus maximising heat detection.

Q. Can BOARBETTER be used to check ‘return-to-oestrus’?

A. The return-to-oestrus check is an important step in the reproduction process, as it can offer the possibility to limit non-productive days in the herd. Alongside ultrasonography, return-to-oestrus checks can help give an early indication of empty females. Use BOARBETTER in the presence or absence of a teaser boar as a convenient tool to help to detect return-to-oestrus females.

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Administering Boarbetter

Q. Do you provide or recommend a specific device to spray BOARBETTER?

A. Spraying BOARBETTER with precision onto the snout of the female is important to maximize sexual behavioural response. A convenient and dedicated spray applicator is available. Ask your retailer.

Q. How is the BOARBETTER product delivered to the female?

A. Spray exactly 4ml of BOARBETTER directly onto the female’s snout from 20-30 cm. The blue dye will give you a visual confirmation of administration. The dosage has been developed to ensure sufficient product is taken in by the female, allowing for reasonable losses as you spray.

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